• Australian Nail Awards Sydney 2014

    The 2014 Australian Nail Awards showcased the high level of talents from Australia during the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo. The two day live competition drawn a crowd who watched on in awe of the high calibre of talent that was on show and inspired with out of this world designs.

    The Australia Nail Awards reward the highest standard of talent in nail artistry. It features amazing prizes and each category will be judged by a prestigious panel of experts. Emi Ohkuma got five medals at Australian Nail Awards Sydney 2014.

    - Flat Nail Art 2nd place

    - Photographic Nail Art 2nd place

    - 3D Fantasy 3rd place

    - 3D Nail Art 3rd place

    - Acrylic Tip&Overlay French 3rd place.

    Thank you very much for all help and support!

  • 2Nd Global Nail Cup Malaysia 2014

    The 2nd Global Nail Cup is currently one of the largest international professional nail competition in the world founded and sponsored by Odyssey Nail Systems.

    At the 2nd Global Nail Cup Malaysia 2014 competitors came from over 32 countries including; USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Ireland, UK, Kazakhstan, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia, Japan including its host country of Malaysia.

    My creation at the 2nd GNC Malaysia Bling Bling Toe Nail Poster Competition won 5th place!!

    Thank you very much for photo Tomoaki Matsuda and model Yuran Ra!