Looking for a beautiful way to spice up your look? Nail art is no longer limited to a measly flower, the sky’s the limit, adventurousness is encouraged! Express yourself! There are many different techniques that can be used depending on the desired outcome.

Fun for a special occasion or just to try something a little different! I offer award-winning, charming and unique designs to brighten up your nails!

Nail Art - 1 nail $4

Nail Art - 3 nails $10

Nail Art - 10 nail $32

3D Nail Art with Diamonties - 1 nail $8

3D Nail Art with Diamonties - 3 nails $20

3D Nail Art with Diamonties - 10 nail $64

Diamonties small size $0.50

Diamonties big size $1


Comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and quality nail services. Let me treat your hands to a smooth soak, light massage, nail and cuticle aesthetics and top it off with some brilliant polish.

Gel Polish manicure - 1min dry $35
French +$10

Deluxe Manicure (45min) $40
Colour off, soaking hand in warm water,
tidying cuticles, massaging & polishing

Deluxe French Manicure $45

Mini Manicure(30min) $30

Mini French Manicure $35

Buff&Polish(20min) $20

Buff & French Polish $25

Polish(10min) $10

French Polish $15

Glitter Polish +$5

Only Cut & Filing $10

Colour off $3

Hand Massage $10


Get your baby feet back! Revive tired, neglected feet, pedicure service can include removing dead skin, softening hard skin and shaping and treating toe-nails, and also massages softening and soothing oils and creams into your foot to make it feel relaxed.

Special!!! Gel Polish Pedicure $40
French +$10

Deluxe Pedicure (50min) $45
Polish off, Soaking foot in warm water,
Tidying cuticles, Dead skin off,
Massaging, Polishing

Deluxe French Pedicure (1h) $50

Mini Pedicure(30min) $ 35

Mini French Pedicure $40

Buff&Polish $25

Buff&French Polish $30

Polish $15

French Polish $20

Only Cut&Filing $15

Nail Repair for Natural Nail $10

Colour off $3

Foot Massage $15


Acrylic nails are an artificial extension of the natural nail that is applied over a tip, form or overlay of the natural nail. They can be applied as a French manicure (pink nail bed with white tip) or as a natural look that can be painted over. Acrylic nails can be made into any shape (rounded, square, almond or pointed) or into any length.

I can add a number of exciting extras into the acrylic to give your nails a unique look. Starting with unique art paints, trough different coloured glitter acrylics fading into each other to shapes embedded into the acrylic.

Special!! Acrylic French Tip Overlay Full Set $50

Special!! Acrylic Glitter Sculpture Full Set $65

Add glitter 1 colour $10 / 2 colours $15

Acrylic Tip Overlay Full Set with Gel Polish Colour $65

Acrylic Tip Overlay Full Set without Colour $55

Acrylic French Sculpture Full Set $75

Acrylic Glitter Design Sculpture Full Set $75

Stilletto acrylic nail from $85 (1 Glitter)

Rd corp nail +$10

Rd corp nail with design +$20

Soak off$10 (Soak off Gel Polish)

Drill off $25(Hard Gel)

Extra long +$20

Hologram +$10

Gel cover on diamonties +$10


Gel nails give a natural look to the nails. They are softer, more flexible than acrylic nails and are also odourless. They do not require the strong-smelling chemicals to apply or remove as acrylic nails do and curing time is shorter for Gels.

It is the latest in nail technology and when applied it will last for more than 2-3 weeks chip-free with a mirror shine finish!

Gel Glitter Full Set For Natural Nail $65

Gel Overlay For Natural Nail $50

Gel Overlay For Natural Nail & Gel Polish $65

Gel French Overlay For Natural Nail $65

Gel Glitter Tip Overlay Full Set $75

Gel French Sculpture $80

Gel French Tip Overlay Full Set $75

Gel French Tip Overlay Full Set Pink & White $85

Gel Tip Overlay without Colour $60

Add glitter - 1 colour $10

Add glitter - 2 colours $15

Refill Clear $35 (Acrylic/Gel)

French Rebalance, White and Clear $50 (Acrylic/Gel)

French Rebalance, Pink & White $60 (Gel)

Design change 1Colour $50 (Acrylic/Gel)

Refill with Gel Polish $45 (Acrylic/Gel)

Refill with French Gel Polish $55

Refill 1 finger $5

Repair 1Nail $10


Achieve an instant seductive eye-lift with my signature eyelash extensions using the highest quality fibres. Wake up every morning with beautiful, drop dead gorgeous eyelashes. Transform your eyes with long, thick, and glossy polished lashes.

Eye Lash Perming $35

Eye Lash Perming (with friend) $30each

Permanent Mascara $15

Eye Lash Perming & Permanent Mascara $50

Eye Lash extension 50ea $90 with 10free eye lashes

Eye Lash extension 30each $60

Eye Lash extension 40each $75

Eye Lash extension 50each $90

Eye Lash extension 60each $108

Eye Lash remove From $15

Eye Lash Tint $15

Eye Brow Tint $8

Eye Lash Tint & Eye Brow Tint $20

Eye Lash Tint + Eye Brow Tint + Eye Brow Wax $30


Imagine the luxury of always having perfect brows, eyes and lips and never having to worry about smudges, runs or that panda-eye look! Swimming, snow or water skiing, gym or any physical activities you will never again be worried about your appearance.

Eyeliner $300 (includes 2 treatment)

Eye brow $400 (includes 2 treatment)


Experience the simple yet effective technique of removing unwanted hair. I take care to execute each wax service and offer a full range of waxing services. All waxing is performed using top quality wax and hygiene.

Eye Brow Wax $15

Lip Wax $10

Chin Wax $10

Lip & Chin Wax $15

Cheek Wax $20

Nose Wax $10

Finger Wax $5

Toe Wax $5

Bikini Wax From $15

Brazillian Front only $40

Brazillian Front&Back $45

Half Leg Wax $25

Top Leg Wax $25

Full Leg Wax $45

Half Arm Wax $20

Top Arm Wax $20

Full Arm Wax $35

Under Arm Wax $15

Back Wax $40


Restore your neglected hands & feet with my hand or foot massages. Ideally added to any other treatment, a deeply relaxing massage that reduces tightness and stress by stimulating main areas.

Hand Massage (10min) $10

Foot Massage (10min) $15

Hand & Foot Massage (20min) $25


Diamond Tattoos are the hottest and latest trend for body art form in the world today. It is a fun way to entertain guests in parties and events. Even Hollywood celebrities are loving the sparkle on the red carpet!

Diamond Tattoo From$15